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Sealed was growing quickly but saw increasing issues with how they were perceived by their potential customers. Their unique business model in an low-trust industry  made their offer seem “too good to be true”. The process of insulating i.e. “sealing” houses can seem complicated, expensive and time-consuming to customers, therefore they needed a brand and a website that  told their story and showed their offerings in a clear, concise and trustworthy manner.


Together with the Sealed team we created a new brand with the primary goal to  help their audience of home owners feel more comfortable with the range of options offered by Sealed.

Our role

Full service agency.


Make yourself comfortable

By renewing houses from the inside out—all without increasing the owners' monthly bills, Sealed is setting a new standard of living. Upgrades to HVAC and insulation, and new options like air sealing and smart home technology transform the way a home feels and functions. Sealed’s revenue is based on the money saved on the house’s newly reduced energy use. Now owners have a more comfortable home with a lower energy footprint and Sealed has a monthly revenue generated from those savings.


The Sealed brand

We worked with Sealed on every aspect of the brand’s articulation. We rethought the the company manifesto, vision and mission statement. Then we reconceptualized the corporate pitch, brand values and  the brand tone and voice and usage guide for all communication strategy and application. We were able to create a coherent story across all the brand touchpoints. This consistency provided a feeling of safety, security, honesty and thoroughness to customers, no matter whether they engaged with Sealed through the web, from a sales deck or through an ad.


Visual identity

One of the main problems Sealed had was that their offer was perceived as “too good to be true”. Therefore the visual identity had to be updated to show a straight forward functionalism  and to present customers with a “no bullshit” professionalism. We wanted to show the simplicity of the Sealed model through the visual identity, so we based the entire system on the idea of a “sealed” house. The functionalism of the logotype and typography is combined with a warm comfortable grey palette and an energetic eye catching blue.


Comfort in Imagery

Sealed uses imagery for two purposes: photography to show how it feels to have a Sealed home, and illustrations to explain the way Sealed’s offerings work. To do this successfully, the photography style has to feel authentic and real with people engaged in realistic portrayals of every day life. The illustrations have to explain technical information in a simple to understand manner based on a style inspired by architectural drawings.


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