From Google Ventures to GV

New Visual Identity & Website




Because of the Alphabet reorganization Google Ventures was no longer a part of Google and needed a new name, visual identity and positioning. Google Ventures was to become GV. This new identity needed to be clearly differentiated from Google but at the same time evoke and communicate the long and still ongoing connection with Google.


The foundation of the new GV identity is based on the colors of GV’s portfolio companies as well as a slimmer version of the Google G. The V in the logo is created by a negative space between the cut G and the slash-like image. The slash is a metaphor for the intersection between Google and the portfolio companies which is what makes GV what it is today. This metaphor echoes throughout the whole application of the visual identity with large slashes as layout elements & multiple color patterns based on brand colors from portfolio companies. Even the GV website has a unique layout system and color themes based on this metaphor.


The Logo

The founder had been building the technology to create a new kind of fitness experience for 2 years by combining artificial intelligence with workouts designed by leading personal trainers. It was launched in stealth under a working name – WOOP. However there was a big player in the fitness space named Whoop already - and discoverability was going to become a mountain to climb. They were in an urgent need of a new brand platform and visual identity that could embody the feeling after a great workout session while being tied into a habit loop of good exercise.

"It’s the sharpest and best looking logo in Googles history"

- The verge


"The slash" symbolizes the intersection between investor and investment. Without each other neither would exist. The slash can be used in many different ways. As a super graphic on it’s own but more commonly as a pattern with colors. Large slashes can also be used to crop images and create grids for layouts.



The Colors


GV doesn’t have its own brand color palette. Conceptually, GV exists because and for its portfolio companies. Therefore the GV visual identity has multiple color palettes derived from all of the portfolio companies. The color palettes have specific orders to them to form patterns.

GV + Company

When the GV brand is combined with a specific portfolio company the color palette changes to that specific company.


The Website

The new visual identity informed more than just what the eye can see. We created a unique diagonal grid out of the slashes which guides all of the layouts. This even made it into the code of the website it self.


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