Analytics platform for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

New Brand, Product UX&UI and website



Dandi is the analytics platform used by HR teams for advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace.


As demand for building diverse and inclusive organizations increase, both the moral and business value of doing so are brought to light. Companies house large amounts of people data in their HR systems, but there aren't many tools that effectively analyze it. Dandi integrates this data and turns it into DEI insights, but they needed help to design a brand which addresses this subject in a constructive way, and a product which displays these millions of datapoints in an interesting way, while staying agnostic to stereotypes or convention around genders, skin colors or cultures. 


Dandi and G–W have a deep partnership which have enabled us to build both brand and product together with them. Starting our engagement during Dandi's early days we've supported their ambitious goals and helped build their product from the ground up. As they gained momentum to scale up their business and product offering, we created a brand platform, visual identity and product UX/UI to accommodate their growing needs, helping them stand out against the market where they already have a head start.


We created an expressive visual language to convey both subject and data in an engaging way—transforming it from just another dashboard to a conversation piece.


The Brand

Dandi is optimistic about change and transformation but at the same time objective and rigorous around presenting data "as it is" and talking openly about the topic of DEI. 

Visually this translates into a trustworthy and sturdy brand which isn't afraid to be expressive or speak up about uncomfortable subjects. Portraying both data and brand mission in a colorful and visually rich way makes it more approachable and interesting to engage with. The visual identity helps the subject take up the space it deserves. 


At the core of the product update is the new dashboard functionality, where users can collate reports and tables to get an overview over any given subject. 

A system of graphs was designed to respond to the grid, adapting from 2-6 columns in width while efficiently displaying its data. Each graph is interactive to help the user explore, and the graphs are easily rearranged and resized to fit user needs. 



The color system needed to accommodate a large range of scenarios, from a single data point up to 12-16 different metrics in a single graph. The logic of the colors in the palette sets a strict order as the number of metrics grow. The more saturated product colors were accompanied by a set of more muted brand and illustration colors.  

Apart from the color palette and product components, the visual identity includes a layout system, illustration style, photography style and a custom typeface. We created a new website as well as sales and communication materials to support Dandis growing business. 


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