Everybody's personal trainer

New Visual Identity & website


Stellar is a new kind of fitness app that turns your phone into a real-time responsive PT by using the camera, advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.



By combining artificial intelligence with workouts designed by leading personal trainers Stellar wanted to improve the experience of getting and staying healthy. Initially, Stellar was launched in stealth mode under the working name Woop. Before launch, they were in need of a new name, brand and visual identity that could differentiate their unique solution in a crowded field of fitness apps.


Together we developed a new name and a scalable brand identity, including a new communication platform, brand strategy and growth marketing roll-out plan. These were designed to work with the needs of a startup and evolve over time. Everything from the name and the app itself, to the website, socials and ads radiates movement and energy. In short how you feel after a training session: Stellar.

The icon was drawn using bold lines to animate the feeling of being in a positive training loop.


To communicate clarity, Molde was selected as the typeface. The super sans-serif, belongs to the neo-grotesque style, due to the purity of its shapes. Molde is composed of 6 widths ranging from condensed to expanded. Each width has three parts: The regular, the italic and the reverse versions. Each one of them has 9 weights and each weight has 649 characters.

The versatility of the typeface really comes in handy when creating sub-brands that require their own expression. Using the different styles, together with a color from our brand palette, enables a greater range of visual tones all staying within the brand.


Stellar doesn’t have one primary color. We use a predefined color palette to create a dynamic and flexible identity. Colors can match the tone of what is being communicated while remaining within a Stellar color spectrum. The colors are mostly used as backgrounds or CTAs in digital applications. Text is primarily used with colors in the grayscale.


To make imagery uniquely Stellar we use a “stacking” style. The stacking is used primarily on hero compositions but works for any image use. The key is not to overuse the technique on multiple images in the same viewport.

Stacking is great for creating hero elements and making an image stand out. Placing multiple stacked images next to each other can be visually overwhelming, so in these cases we use animation. Having imagery animate in and out of stacking can shift focus and emphasis in interesting ways.


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